40 Stars Snapped With And Without Makeup – And The Photos Prove They’re Still Beautiful Barefaced

Image: Amy Sussman/Getty Images for ABA

For women in the public eye, makeup is a big deal – even more so if you happen to make your living making glamorous appearances in front of the camera. Nevertheless, an online trend has emerged, featuring famous females appearing on social media without their makeup. For some, it is an empowering move – presenting an honest face to the world and drawing attention to uncontrived looks and genuine personality rather than the superficial. Other famous women have taken it even further, and have appeared at high-profile events with their faces bare. It probably shouldn’t be a big deal, but – in these days of the #MeToo Movement – playing it cool around cosmetics and defying expectations is undoubtedly a hot topic. However, these pictures of celebrities sans slap prove that a no-makeup look can still wow us with a natural beauty where innate talent shines through.